20 Best Soup Recipes to Ignite Your Appetite

French onion soupIf you include piping hot soups in your regular diet, you not only gain additional nutrients but also keep your appetite in a healthy state. I generally prefer light clear soups though rich and creamy variants are equally delicious. Today, we're going to take a look at some of the best soup recipes one can include in their menu to surprise their loved ones. I'm sure several entries listed here have already made their way in your kitchen. I prefer to use fresh veggies and homemade stock while making soup preparations. All the delicious soups listed here are arranged in random order and their position in the list do not necessarily represent their popularity. Let's try out and taste these yummy soup recipes.

French onion soup
1. French Onion Soup: This is one of the most popular onion soups consumed worldwide. As the name implies, it's from France and is made with caramelized onions, meat broth, cheese and fresh seasoning. Often recipe developers introduce subtle changes in the recipe to create different versions of this famous soup.

One can also add croutons on top before serving this soup. If you're planning to try this soup, make extra servings and use quality white onion to get the best results. You can get the entire recipe here originally crafted by Faith Durand.

Crab bisque soup
2. Crab Bisque: This is yet another French soup preparation made with combining fresh crab meat and rich cream base. It is perfect for consumption during the frosty winter season and is fulfilling as well as nutritious at the same time. If you can find fresh king crab meat, you'll get the best results.

If you prefer to retain the sweet flavor of the crab meat, do not use cayenne pepper for the seasoning. It is one of my favorite soup varieties I love to make during the winter season. Brenda has written an excellent crab bisque recipe you can try at home.

Corn chowder soup
3. Corn Chowder: This popular soup preparation is readily consumed in North America, though some of its variants are made in other parts of the world as well. It closely resembles English clam chowder soup. It's light and very appetizing for all age groups. You can also make a rich creamy version of this soup.

Do not use frozen or canned corn for making this soup else you may not get the authentic taste and texture. If you want to try this delicious corn soup at home, Maria and Josh have shared the complete recipe on their excellent food blog.

Tom Yum Soup
4. Tom Yum Soup: No list can be considered complete unless you include this hugely popular Thai soup preparation which is not only spicy and flavorful but is equally fulfilling as well. It includes shrimps as the base, though a vegan version can be made substituting the meat with your favorite seasonal vegetable.

If you want to relish the authentic taste of this hot soup preparation, do not try to substitute Thai flavoring ingredients with their local equivalents. So, get your pot ready and make this yummy Tom Yum soup preparation made by Serena.

Miso soup
5. Miso Soup: If you love Japanese food, I'm sure you may have already tried this nutritious soup. It's one of the healthiest soups included in this list. A visit to super-store is required to avail all the classic ingredients required for this soup. You can experiment with this one to slightly change the texture and flavor of this delicious soup.

Apart from adding flavored tofu cubes in this soup, you can also include your favorite noodles. So, do not wait more and quickly try this fulfilling and scrumptious miso soup preparation. Here's the soup recipe shared by Jeanine.

Gazpacho soup
6. Gazpacho: You're going to love this simmering Spanish soup made with ripe tomatoes. Veggies are also added to this soup recipe to enhance the nutrition quotient. Fiery red peppers are often used in this soup to add more punch. You can serve this tasty soup in both hot and cold forms.

There are several versions of Gazpacho soup and each one of them tastes great. I personally like the one having almonds in it. Leftovers of this soup can be included in a spicy stew base. Let's make this excellent soup preparation made by Irena in a few easy steps.

Pho soup
7. Pho: This classic Vietnamese beef soup preparation is made in several forms and is flavored with pungent whole spices. This nutritious soup also has a strong flavor of ginger and onion. Flavoring is done by condiments ensure you get a unique and irresistible taste. Do not hesitate in adding noodles in this soup before serving.

Several variants of this soup are made with chicken and seafood. You can also make a vegan version of this delicious soup. For best results, use the toasted form of condiments. Follow these simple steps shared by Adam and Joanne to make a piping hot bowl of Pho soup.

Borscht soup
8. Borscht: Do once try this delicious and fulfilling Ukrainian soup made with beet and cabbage. It's enhanced with piping hot meat broth and select spices which give it a nice texture and flavor. It can be served either hot or cold. I prefer to add more of beet cutting down the cabbage quantity.

Though cold serving of this soup tastes good, it cannot match the flavor of the fresh hot bowl. If you want to reduce the cooking time of this soup, use canned beets. Let's get started and make this flavorful Borscht soup cooked by Natasha.

Gumbo soup
9. Gumbo: Originally from Louisiana state of United States, this soup is enriched with seafood and sausages. A popular variant of this preparation is often made with chicken. I love to add clam in this soup which greatly enhances the flavor. One can also make a vegan version of this soup.

If you can get fresh crab meat for this soup, nothing can be better than that. It can be consumed as a main course entry as it's filled with seafood and sausages. Poppy Tooker has written a wonderful Gumbo soup recipe you can use to try it at your home.

Minestrone soup
10. Minestrone: Italian soups are my favorite and Minestrone is no different. It's a rich and nutritious soup preparation consisting of pasta, veggies, beans, and pungent spices. Feel free to add fresh seasonal veggies in this soup. Similarly, spice quotient can be moderated as per your taste.

A combination of tubular pasta and regular noodles can also be added in this soup. Like most soups, this one tastes best when served piping hot. Check out Marzia's Minestrone soup recipe you can prepare in a few easy steps.

Rasam soup
11. Rasam: It's a popular South Indian soup preparation made with pungent whole Indian spices. The tangy flavor of this soup is enhanced with fresh tamarind paste. Its unique tempering gives it a nice texture as well as an irresistible flavor. Traditionally, it is consumed with boiled or fried rice.

It's very appetizing so make sure you keep your main course ready before serving this delicious soup. The aromatic rasam powder used for this soup can be stored in an airtight container. Here's the complete Rasam recipe written by Chitra.

Yellow split pea soup
12. Yellow Pea Soup: This protein-packed split pea soup originated from French settlers residing in Canada. It's easy-to-make and fulfills your belly in no time. For a nice creamy base, one can add pumpkin puree in this soup. Feel free to add a moderate quantity of ginger which gels so well with this preparation.

This heavy soup can be modified by including a puree base of tuberous roots of your choice. Feel free to sprinkle local fresh herbs as a garnish before serving this soup. Sara and Hugh have written the entire split pea soup recipe to liven up your taste buds.

Tarator soup
13. Tarator: This Bulgarian cold soup is made with yogurt and cucumber. It's soothing for stomach and food tract and is very appetizing. Use mild seasoning for this soup to get the best results. If you do not prefer a refrigerated version of this soup, you can serve it at room temperature too.

You can also add toasted and shredded nuts in this soup. It's a simple and easy-to-make cold soup for your weekend party. Get your soup bowl ready and quickly make this nourishing soup preparation shared by Lyubomira.

Matzah ball soup
14. Matzah Ball Soup: This delicious Jewish soup is traditionally served during Passover as a staple food. The recipe is made with Matzo balls served with delicately flavored chicken broth. Matzo balls can be mildly seasoned as per your preferences. This fulfilling soup is a complete meal in itself.

If a Jewish family resides near your home, surprise them with this delicious soup during the next Passover. So, let's get ready to make this light, tasty and unique soup preparation Jenn has shared with all of us. It's one of my favorites.

Beer soup
15. Beer Soup: This strong and appetizing soup was invented during the middle ages. It's made with heated beer and leftover crumbs of bread. Nowadays, beer soup includes cheese and several other flavoring ingredients. The type of bear you choose for this soup decides the overall texture and flavor of the preparation.

You can also experiment with the type of vegetables and bread you may include in the soup. Anetta has written an excellent recipe for making flavorful beer and cheese soup you'll love to relish with family members and friends.

Caldo Verde soup
16. Caldo Verde: Primary ingredients of this excellent Portuguese soup preparation are potatoes and kale. It is generally made with meat broth combined with a mild seasoning. It's traditionally garnished with thin slices of chouri├žo. Although the soup's consistency is lighter, you can opt for a creamy version by adding more potatoes.

It's very appetizing and tastes best when served with Focaccia bread. I've tried it a month back with a slightly thick consistency. Try out this delicious Caldo Verde soup recipe written by Olivia on her excellent food blog.

Kharcho soup
17. Kharcho: This appetizing and fulfilling Georgian soup preparation is made with lamb (or beef), rice and fresh vegetables. It's one of the few soup recipes you can easily make a bit spicy without overpowering the primary flavor. Simmer this soup for long in a heavy base pot to get the best texture and flavor.

You can use your favorite red meat for this soup. Dried nuts can also be used in this soup for getting a unique flavor. Get your pan ready to make this scrumptious Kharcho soup recipe written by Mike. I highly recommend to include this soup in your menu.

Okroshka soup
18. Okroshka: This cold Russian soup can be prepared in quick time. It's made with Kvass, potatoes, eggs, and select veggies. Meat can also be added to this soup. A very mild seasoning is used for this soup. It is one of the healthiest soups mentioned in this list. If you do not prefer it chilled, you can serve it at the room temperature.

Generally, this soup is garnished with sour cream though you can use a substitute of your choice. Similarly, potatoes can be either added in baked form or in boiled form. Complete Okroshka soup preparation is shared by Lily and Dmitriy with easy instructions.

Laksa curry soup
19. Laksa: This popular Malaysian soup recipe is prepared in different forms both for vegans and nonvegetarians. It's tangy, spicy and full of flavors due to the use of fresh condiments and spices. While making this soup, feel free to moderate the spices as per your taste. Do not forget to include bean sprouts within garnish.

Chicken laksa is quite popular in different parts of the world but I prefer the vegan variant of this soup. I love the tamarind flavor used in this soup. Sylvia has written an easy-to-follow Laksa soup recipe you can try at your home anytime.

Mulligatawny soup
20. Mulligatawny: This popular English soup is based on an Indian sauce preparation. It is strongly flavored with curry powder which gives it a distinct flavor. Veggies and chicken are also added to this soup. I prefer to add cayenne pepper in this soup for a fiery flavor. One can easily make a vegan version of this soup.

Coconut milk significantly enhances the flavor of this soup. Cooked by Ree, here's a simple and delicious version of Mulligatawny soup you can try out in your kitchen. So this completes the list of some of the best soups for your taste buds.