10 Unique Ways to Repurpose and Reuse Delicious Leftovers in Your Kitchen

Leftovers in KitchenThere's no kitchen on this blue planet that doesn't have to deal with leftovers. Whether the quantity of leftover is small or big, reusing it in a nice way makes one a good homemaker. Today, we're going to learn some of the select and unique ways to repurpose common and delicious leftovers we generally dump in the bin. You can use these tips and tricks to surprise your family members. You can even innovate and combine multiple tips to create your own version of recycling kitchen leftovers. If you have some of your own tips to share with us, feel free to tell us for the benefit of the community. So let's get started and see some of the handpicked tips to ensure how we can give new shape to the leftovers.

Leftovers in Kitchen
Note: You can improvise on the tips and tricks mentioned below to invent new and better ways to repurpose leftvoers.
  • Make snacks with boiled rice - Add lukewarm milk, ground pepper, and salt in boiled rice and make a coarse and dense batter. Deep fry fritters from this batter in your desired shape. Serve with your favorite spicy sauce.
  • Make dessert from bread - Dip leftover breadcrumbs in sweetened condensed milk or custard. Refrigerate overnight and relish with your main course entry.
  • Make patties from mashed potatoes - Often mashed potatoes are made in bulk resulting in leftovers. Simply add finely minced onion, green chilies and coriander leaves in it. Season and shallow fry in a grill pan in the form of patties.
  • Use soup as a reduction - Reduce the leftover tomato soup adding thickening agents like cornflour along with some spicy seasoning to use it as a reduction in your main course recipe.
  • Use grilled meat with eggs - Leftovers of grilled meat is quite common. Shred the meat pieces and saute with eggs, cheese, and select seasoning ingredients to get a new recipe.
  • Make tea time snack from the salad - Shred the salad leftovers and mix with crispy wafers and crackers. Sprinkle chili flakes and dried herbs on top. Toss the bowl and serve with tea or coffee.
  • Make stuffed eggplants from roasted chicken - Cut leftover grilled or roasted chicken into strips. Saute with added spices, cheese, and boiled peas. Stuff in eggplant boats and grate cheese on top. Bake in an oven and serve hot.
  • Use fruit juice with custard or ice cream - Now this is quite common and simple. Often we tend to throw away juice cartons carelessly. We can use this juice in flavoring custards or ice creams provided it is fresh and is reduced before adding in the base.
  • Make fritters from steamed veggies - Often steamed veggies are not used in kitchen. They can either be mashed with patty base or can be coated with spicy batter to make nice and crisp fritters.
  • Make jam from fruits - Collect all the available fruits in your fridge and make a nice pulp out of them. Use this pulp to make mixed fruit jam for your kids.