8 Best Olive Oil Brands for Everyday Cooking

Olive fruits and leavesOlive oil is one of the best cooking oils that not only tastes great but is also very nutritious and good for health. Slowly it is making its place in different parts of the world. People in Asian subcontinent normally do not consume olive oil, but in recent years it has been adopted by a large population. Today, we're going to see some of the best global brands that make high-quality olive oil for general consumption. It may be possible that all these brands may not be available in your area. Most of these brands have a global presence and export olive oil to several countries around the globe. I've been using three brands mentioned here and I found all of them extremely good. I would also love to know which brand of olive oil you're using in your home. So without wasting ay time, let's dive into the sea of different olive oil brands.

Olive fruits and leavesBest Olive Oil Brands
Borges - It's one of the leading brands which are very popular in Europe as well as in Asia. They produce the finest quality of olive oil for both home and commercial consumption. They have a presence in over 100 countries with a wide range of olive and related products. Borges olive oil is made from fresh hand-picked olives from the Mediterranean region that is processed in a traditional way to get the best olive oil.

Colavita - This brand is extremely popular in America and is made from fresh Italian olives. Its extra virgin olive oil tastes great and has a pungent smell that's loved by its users. It is exported to several countries and is known to have an authentic mild flavor of a quality olive oil. All the harvested olives undergo oil extraction process the very next day to give the freshest and nutrient-rich olive oil.

Bertolli - It's one of the biggest brands used in several countries. Bertolli olive oil comes in different variants and is made from original Italian olives that are processed fresh. It's made from black olives that give a unique taste and are enriched from Vitamin-E. Several mild flavors of Bertolli olive oil are also available for select countries where people don't like the strong taste of extra virgin olive oil.

Pasolivo - This popular American brand is used by large number of users across United States. The olives used for this brand are grown organically in California and are processed right there soon after harvesting. Customers can even pay a visit to their farms to see how actually they make farm fresh olive oil. They even have a full refund policy in case you're not satisfied with the product.

Pompeian - This is yet another excellent brand that is quite popular among its users. It's one of the leading imported brands that brings fresh olive oil from the Mediterranean region and have a large user base in United States. The olives used for this brand are cultivated in an organic way and are freshly processed without using any kind of preservatives. Pompeian olive oil has been certified for its purity and quality.

Filippo Berio - This is a very old and famous olive oil brand having good presence in several countries around the globe. This company uses modern equipment to process fresh olive oil in large quantities. Fresh organic olives are used for oil extraction and a large portion of production is exported in different countries. Several flavors and variants are produced by the company for different customer segments.

Trader Joe's - It's a hugely popular brand producing finest quality of olive oil with no added preservatives. They purchase olives from different countries and produce several variants of olive oil. The quality of oil is extremely good and is perfect for everyday use. Since the variants are made from olives of different countries, you can select the best one that suits your taste and blends well with your cuisine.

Bozzano - And last but not the least is another Californian brand that produces good quality olive oil for general consumption. Their olives are cultivated organically and the extraction process is also traditional. Their several versions are certified for purity and are 100% organic. You can also find blended versions that are made from two different varieties of olives. These blended versions taste great.