12 Best Eatables to Strengthen Your Immune System

BroccoliHealthy eating habits are must for developing a strong immune system to fight diseases. Unfortunately, a large number of teenagers and kids are moving away towards junk food consumption that slowly weakens the immune system. There are several food items that contain a good amount of vital nutrients known to boost the entire immune system. One must include these eatables in his diet to keep himself fit and agile. Some of these eatables are found everywhere, while others may be limited to a specific area. You should definitely try to include most of them in your diet plan for getting a long and healthy life. My favorite on this list are almonds, tea, and garlic.

Broccoli - It's one of the best vegetables that's not only rich in vitamin C but also contains a high amount of dietary fiber. It has several anti-cancer agents that help in deterring different types of cancers. It is considered good for heart patients too and helps in fighting prostate cancer. It also contains a good amount of carotene that is well known as one of the best types of antioxidants. Carotene elements found in broccoli are also good for eyes. You should grill or bake broccoli preparations to get maximum benefits from this amazing vegetable.

Garlic - This is a wonder medicine for heart patients. Garlic is one of the best medicines to lower bad cholesterol. It is also used to strengthen the digestive system. In several cultures, it is also used to cure a common cold. Diabetic patients often use it to regulate their blood sugar levels. People who regularly use garlic in their daily diet tend to develop healthy heart with a strong immune system. It is also used to cure several types of chest infections. Consuming raw garlic is the best way to avail all the benefits from this useful herb.

Yogurt - It is full of vital nutrients that nourish and strengthen your body without putting any adverse effect. It is a rich source of calcium and protein that helps build up your muscles and bones. It is also good for patients suffering from diarrhea. High riboflavin content in yogurt helps in regulating and adjusting your metabolism. Fresh yogurt is the best form to consume it which provides all the essential elements needed to boost your immune system.

Mushroom - Most edible mushrooms have anti-inflammatory properties and also help in controlling diabetes. They also contain a good amount of vitamin D which is so essential for building a strong immune system. Mushrooms are also known to have anticancer and antibacterial properties that make them an ideal food for fighting with different types of bacterial infections. Baked mushrooms preserve most of the vital elements and provide the best nourishment.

Blackberry - This amazing fruit has a very high amount of antioxidants that are so necessary for longevity and good health. It is also known to destroy several types of cancer cells and is perfect for treating body pain. It also contains a good amount of dietary fiber that helps in cleansing your digestive tract. Blackberry also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol. Since it contains very fewer calories, it can be taken in generous amounts even if you're on a weight-loss diet plan.

Cabbage - It's a good source of dietary fiber and is well known to reduce the risk of different types of cancers related to the digestive tract. It also has a good amount of vitamin C making it an essential food item that must be included in our diet. It is also good for eyes since it contains a generous quantity of beta-carotene. You must consume it either in the form of salad or with soups. You can also use it as a garnish to preserve all of its nutrients. Excessive frying of cabbage is not recommended by experts.

Sweet potatoSweet Potato
Sweet potato - It is a rich source of carbohydrate that gives you the energy to remain active throughout the day. The high content of carotene makes them ideal for people with weak eyesight. It also has a large quantity of dietary fiber which is essential for healthy stomach and intestines. It is also known to regulate blood sugar levels and is ideal for diabetics. The best way of consuming sweet potatoes is in baked or grilled format. You can also boil them and case use in salads.

Oyster - Now this one is a treat for males. Why? It is known to boost production of male sex hormone. It also contains a good amount of vitamin A which is essential for good vision. Patients suffering from anemia should consume it regularly as it contains all the necessary elements that aid in blood formation. You must eat it raw to get the maximum benefits. Since oyster shells contain calcium it is also used to make dietary supplements for making your bones strong.

Almond - It is one of the best dry fruits known to mankind. If you're consuming almonds on a daily basis, you're not only taking care of your heart but also making your entire digestive tract healthy. Regular intake of almonds also reduces the risk of various types of cancers. It is also known to keep the skin healthy and glowing. Almond oil is also used to vitalize hair and to sharpen memory. You should consume it in blanched form to get the maximum benefits from this valuable dry fruit.

Oat - Oats have cholesterol-lowering properties and is good for heart patients with high cholesterol levels. It has a large amount of dietary fiber to keep your bowel movements in good condition. No other cereal or grain has this much of protein as oats have. This makes them ideal for breakfast that requires a nutritious serving. The best way to consume oats is to take them in the form of porridge or in the form of flakes dipped in milk with mild sweetening agent.

Avocado - This is yet another fruit that is extremely helpful in lowering bad cholesterol. It also has a generous amount of vitamin B, E & K that keeps you healthy and agile. The high dietary fiber content of avocado makes them an essential food item that can keep your stomach in a good condition. For best results, you must eat it in a raw form and that too immediately after peeling. It also has antibacterial and anticancer properties that make it a unique and useful fruit.

Tea - It is consumed in almost every part of the world, yet very few people know the health benefits of tea. Whether you're taking green tea or black tea, both of them have several elements that help in reducing the risk of stroke. It is also good for preventing osteoporosis. Tea also helps in preventing several types of intestinal diseases. It also has anticancer, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea is considered best among all types of tea varieties.