5 Ways to Cook Rice for Your Family

Plain boiled riceMy whole family loves to eat rice with almost every preparation. This popular cereal is now consumed in almost every part of the world. Although the majority of rice production and consumption happens in Asia, still it is included in various forms in other parts of the globe as well. Intuitive foodies have developed new kinds of recipes that include rice as the primary ingredient. Today we're going to discuss some of the popular formats in which rice is consumed in different countries. You may be consuming rice through some of the methods included here. If not, you can try out some of these preparations to give tasty surprises to your loved ones. So here are some of the most common and best ways to eat this widely popular cereal.

Plain boiled riceBoiled Rice
Simple boiled or steamed rice - This is one of the most common methods of cooking rice. Boiled or steamed rice is primarily consumed in the south and south-east Asia. They are generally taken with a spicy curry or semi-liquid pulse. Depending on the quality, boiled rice is done very quickly and tastes great after draining the excess water. Adding little lime juice to the boiling water makes them vibrant white in color with great texture.

Pulao & Biryani - This is yet another popular way to consume rice. Pulao and Biryani are mostly cooked in the middle east, central & South Asia. It is generally prepared with mutton, chicken or beef. It's extremely tasty and is always made with long grain varieties of rice. Saffron and dry fruits are also used generously in these preparations. It is mostly cooked on low flame and the cooking vessel is sealed with dough to keep the aroma intact.

Risotto - This is primarily an Italian way of cooking rice. Risotto is generally cooked in vegetable or chicken broth combined with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and onions. It is always made with short grain thick rice. Recipe developers often experiment with different kinds of broths to come up with unique Risotto preparations. Red or white wine is also added while making a typical Risotto preparation. It's a main course dish served with cheese and good quality wine.

Rice puddingRice Pudding
Rice pudding - Use of rice in desserts is quite common across the globe. Rice pudding is made in dozens of different ways in different countries. Almost all of these puddings contain milk, dry fruits, and sugar as the primary ingredients. The only difference lies in the style of cooking and the consistency of the pudding. Some of these preparations are served hot, while others taste best after refrigeration. It's one of my favorite desserts.

Snacks made of riceRice Snacks
Rice snacks - My kids love rice snacks. These snacks come in various forms like chips and crackles. Rice snacks are often made by combining it with other grains and cereals like corn. They're fluffy, rich in fiber and tastes great. The most common format of these snacks is fried sticks which are further spiced up with cheese and select seasonings. I normally keep the dried version of these snacks and serve hot whenever demand arises.