How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean With Minimum Efforts

clean kitchenAs a homemaker or a die-hard foodie, much of your time is spent in kitchen. You're great in experimenting with new cuisines, but what about the hygiene and cleanliness of your kitchen. I'm sure most of us overlook it and concentrate more on the cooking task. Today, we are going to discuss keeping our cooking place clean and tidy. I know, you're already feeling tired to read this! But wait, it's equally exciting as the cooking itself. All you need to know some of the best tips and tricks to make your kitchen organized and in good condition. So let's get started and clean our kitchen. If you have some of your own unique kitchen cleaning tips, do share them with us in the comments below.

clean kitchenClean and Tidy Kitchen
Remove the clutter - Yes, this is the first step to keep your cooking place clean and tidy. The more unnecessary hardware and utensils you pile up, the more it's difficult to keep the kitchen clean. It is often observed that we keep multiple numbers of the same utensil, mostly the cooking sets. Pack the extra utensils and only keep the most essential ones to lessen your burden. Get a good set of sliding shelves and drawers installed so that you can arrange all the utensils and equipment in a better way. This not only removes the clutter but also ensures easy access to utensils whenever you need them.

Cleanse your refrigerator - It is one of the major sources of unwanted eatables that not only accumulate uncleaned dishes but also generate a lot of unnecessary garbage. This problem becomes graver when you have large double door refrigerator and a house full of teenagers. Keep your refrigerator locked and avoid buying fast food and similar products. This will lessen your kitchen-cleaning burden to a significant extent.

Use liquid cleaner - Whenever you're cleaning kitchen sinks, tiles or floors - use liquid cleaning agent or gel to get the best results. Unlike regular detergents or soaps, they're more effective and can be directly applied to the surface. This not only makes the cleaning process much easier but also yields better results.

Install chimney exhaust system - Nowadays it's a must-have system for every modern kitchen. It not only sucks the smoke but also helps in keeping your kitchen roof and walls clean. Generally, regular exposure to smoke from cooking utensils creates a layer of sticky dust on roof and walls. Electric chimney exhaust systems prevent this dirt accumulation reducing a lot of kitchen cleaning work.

Use disposable garbage bags - Instead of putting all kitchen garbage in general plastic drums use disposable plastic bags within garbage bins. This makes it easy to empty the dustbins whenever they're filled. Simply fold and remove the disposable bag and put a new bag in the bin. It's easy-to-use, keeps your kitchen clean and prevents any foul smell that may leak in the absence of such disposable bags.