10 Most Popular Pastas Consumed Worldwide

Fusilli PastaThere are more than 250 types of pasta produced on commercial basis around the world. Interestingly, almost all of them are made of same basic material and differ only in shapes and sizes. Some of this pasta is quite popular across the globe and some are limited to specific areas. Here is a list of 10 most popular pasta that is consumed by a large population in various forms either as a standalone dish or as an add-on. I've tried almost every pasta mentioned in this list and my personal favorite is spaghetti. Nothing can beat fresh homemade pasta though most people nowadays use packed version. I prefer to add egg yolks in most of my pasta batters to give them a unique flavor.

Fusilli PastaFusilli is one of the most popular pastas that comes in different colors including green and red. It's a 3-edged spiral shaped pasta that is produced in large quantities on a commercial basis. The green color is given by spinach juice and the red color is obtained through beetroot juice. Fusilli is consumed in various forms that range from regular pasta dish to salads and soups. It is one of the largest exported Italian pasta.

Spaghetti PastaSpaghetti is very popular in North America and Europe. It is thin, long and cylindrical in shape and is made of semolina and water. The most common spaghetti preparation is served with tomato sauce. Spaghetti with meatballs and Bolognese sauce are some other common recipes that are widely consumed all over the world. It is known to cook in quick time and is ideal for breakfast or snack time.

Farfalle PastaFarfalle is yet another popular Italian pasta with unique design. It is commonly known as bow-tie pasta. Farfalle comes in various shapes and sizes and go well with various pasta sauces and tomatoes. The name is derived from the Italian word 'Farfalla', that means butterfly. Like Fusilli, Farfalle is also produced in large quantities on commercial basis. It is the part of several main course meals.

Rotini PastaRotini is a helix-shaped pasta that closely resembles Fusilli. Rotini's helix structure is comparatively much tightly packed and it is shorter in length. It is commonly used in salads combined with different types of pasta sauces. Due to its tight helix structure, Rotini binds more sauce with it adding more flavor to the dish. It is yet another Italian pasta which is produced in large quantities on a commercial basis.

Macaroni PastaMacaroni is perhaps the most popular pasta in various parts of the world. It's hollow in shape and is slightly bent at the ends. Traditionally, macaroni is devoid of any eggs and is consumed with almost anything. It goes very well with melted cheese and pasta sauce. It is normally taken as breakfast because of its quick preparation time and its popularity among kids. Macaroni is one of my favorites.

Manicotti PastaManicotti is ribbed tube shaped pasta that is relatively large than other types of pasta. Due to large hollow space in between, it is favorite among chefs to serve with different kinds of stuffing. These stuffings may include seafood, salads, red meat or combination of pasta sauce and cheese. Despite its unusual look, Manicotti pasta is very light and easily digestible. Undoubtedly, an ideal pasta variant for any time.

Vermicelli PastaVermicelli is a long, thin and worm-shaped pasta that is very popular in some parts of Asia and Middle-East. It is made of wheat as well as rice flour. Chinese rice noodles is a variant of vermicelli. In India, it is mostly consumed as a sweet dish or as a part of a dessert. Chinese consume it as rice noodles with a liberal dip of soup and toppings of cheese and green onions. I usually consume it as a sweet dish topped with seasonal dry fruits.

Lasagne PastaLasagne is quite popular in Italy and North America. It comes in a form of sheets of various sizes with some variants having ripples on the sheet. In North America, it is commonly served as layers of pasta sheets, cheese, and pasta sauce and may include layers of meat or seafood. Lasagne is generally served in baked form mixed with a variety of ingredients to give it a unique taste. I would definitely recommend trying it as a main course meal.

Rigatoni PastaRigatoni is ridged tubular and hollow pasta that is normally cooked with cheese dipping and herbs. Rigatoni also goes well with sausages and meat preparations. It is mostly consumed in Europe and some parts of North America. Rigatoni is generally consumed as standalone dish and serves as fulfilling whole meal. I personally prefer it with Parmesan cheese and fried chicken sausages.

Bucatini PastaBucatini closely resembles spaghetti, but is much thicker with a hole running through its center. It is made of hard durum wheat flour and goes well with pasta sauces, eggs, vegetables and meat. Often, Bucatini is combined with other pastas giving the whole preparation a unique taste and appearance. Bucatini is yet another pasta produced in large quantities on commercial basis.