2 Free And Awesome Applications For Foodies

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Smart Gardener Online ApplicationIf you're a food lover, at times you may have tried to grow vegetables at your home. This also includes meal planning, recipe organization and grocery shopping lists. Keeping track of all these activities is a hectic task, especially if you're doing it manually along with your day job. With specialized tools and applications, you can definitely lessen your burden of maintaining the schedules and lists associated with these common tasks. Today, we're going to discuss two such powerful and easy-to-use applications that'll make your life easy by providing excellent tools to help you in keeping track of these tasks. So, let's get started and see how these useful applications can make our life easy.

Smart Gardener - As the name implies, this excellent online tool is a must for every home gardener. If you have enough space for gardening, but struggle to do it correctly, then this application is a boon for you. It's a completely free application that lets you plan and organize your kitchen garden with continuous activity tracking and guidance.

Smart Gardener Online ApplicationSmart Gardener Application
There are 4 important steps in maintaining your home garden through 'Smart Gardener'.

  • Layout planning - The first step involves creating a detailed layout plan for your kitchen garden. Through a guided wizard, you can draw a map or sketch of your garden. This includes dividing the garden space into different sections as per your requirements.
  • Plant selection - The next obvious step is choosing the plants that you want to grow in your kitchen garden. You can browse through the entire list of plants with recommendations about the best possible combination of vegetables for your garden.
  • Plant area selection - In 3rd step, you have to select appropriate area for each plant. All the divided areas created in the first step are populated with each plant selected in the previous step. This completes the preliminary task of planning your kitchen garden.
  • To-do lists & tracking - And last but not the least is tracking of daily and weekly gardening tasks and continuous monitoring. This is done by automated tracking lists that help you in getting most out of your kitchen garden with minimum efforts.

Say Mmm - This awesome free application is a must-have for every homemaker. Often we struggle to maintain a meal chart for each family member. Sometimes the situation becomes worse in the absence of any proper method to track the accurate grocery requirements. Fortunately, this application does all this automatically for you with minimum intervention of yours.

Meal planning applicationMeal Planning Application
Here are the 3 important tasks you can do with 'Say Mmm'.

  • Meal planning - It's a calendar-based meal planning tool with excellent layout and editing capabilities. You can create a detailed meal chart for each family member on a per-day basis. It also gives helpful suggestions as you feed more data in it.
  • Grocery planning - This is perhaps the most important part of any housewife's life. Fortunately, planning a grocery list is no more a pain. This online tool helps you in creating a detailed and categorized grocery list. You can also add nearby store information with each grocery item. The most pleasing part is well-formatted printouts and the ability to view these grocery lists on your smartphone while you're on the move.
  • Recipe organization - This is the ultimate recipe organization tool where you can store all your recipes in a centralized database. You can categorize them on the basis of cuisine, ingredients or notes. It also gives you new ideas for recipes as you feed in more recipes to the database. Quite similar to grocery lists, you can view your recipe database on your smartphone too.


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