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How to Make Sichuan Pepper Chili Oil

Chinese cuisine often uses various kinds of oils solely for flavoring purpose. Sichuan pepper chili oil is one such popular flavoring agent used for flavoring several main course recipes. Today, we're going to learn to make this hot and flavor packed chili oil. It's quite easy-to-make and can be stored for long time. We often use this chili oil to flavor different types of noodles. To get the best results, use the freshest Sichuan peppers. Use airtight container to store this chili oil. Make sure, you use it in moderate quantities because it is quite sharp in flavor. You can make slight changes in the ingredients to make a variant of this preparation. Let's quickly make this pungent, hot and spicy chili oil.

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Baked Sausages with Potatoes and Tomatoes

This recipe is ideal for your weekend brunch party. Select your favorite sausages with fresh potatoes and tomatoes. That's all we require to create some magic! I always prefer beef or lamb sausages, but if you want to avoid red meat, chicken sausages can be used as well. If you really want to make this recipe colorful, add broccoli, sweet potatoes and eggplants in this preparation. Addition of local herbs and flavoring agents is highly recommended for this recipe. If possible, instead of using electric oven, use wood or charcoal based oven to get the best results. Do not forget to use generous amount of extra virgin oil for this recipe. Let's make this delicious main course entry in a few easy steps.

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Mashed Potatoes with Cheesy Leeks

If you've already tried regular mashed potatoes recipe before, you can make this one quite easily. To get the best results, use fresh yield potatoes instead of frozen ones. I always advice to experiment with recipes and this preparation is ideal to do that. Instead of leek, try combination of spinach and parsley. This recipe is ideal both for breakfast and lunch. I've used Parmesan cheese in this recipe which can be easily replaced with a local substitute. While making this recipe, make sure boiled potatoes are moisture free. And, do not keep it for long time and consume on the same day. Let's make this cheesy, fulfilling and scrumptious mashed potato recipe for our family members.

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Creamy Eggplant and Tofu Curry

Just because my kids do not like eggplants, I use it in different types of recipes to ensure they relish it with pleasure. Today's recipe is a creamy and delicious curry with lightly fried tofu and generous amount of eggplant slices. There are several variants of this recipe though I've tried to keep it simple and authentic. You can freely add more vegetables in this preparation to increase the number of servings. I've used classic tofu for this recipe though different flavored versions of the same can also be tried. Use long slices of eggplants to get the best results. The mild flavor of this curry can be elevated with additional spices or simply by moderating the amount of seasoning agents mentioned below.

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Crispy Red Snapper Fritters with Plum Sauce

Hot fried fish fillets tastes heavenly no matter how you make them. The following red snapper fillets are coated with a spicy and crunchy layer and shallow fried to perfection. When served along with flavorful plum sauce and a dash of lime, they're simply irresistible. Red snapper fillets are not mandatory and can be replaced by locally available fillets with bit firm meat. Similarly, you can moderate the spices used for the coating to give it a local flavor. Needless to say, one can prepare calamari and prawns fritters in the same way with a different sauce. Coated fish fillets can also be kept in refrigerated form overnight and can be fried right before serving. Let's make these delicious fritters.

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Fragrant Ricotta Bread

Mixing cheese correctly in bread recipes is a very delicate process and requires great care to get the best results. Today, we're going to use ricotta cheese to flavor our bread recipe. It is quite versatile cheese and can be included in different kinds of preparations. If you're using fresh ricotta cheese, let it settle down a bit else it may spoil the bread dough. The goal is to remove excess moisture from the cheese before adding it in the flour. Make sure you make this bread in limited quantity as it cannot be kept for very long. It's ideal for tea time or for breakfast. If you can't find ricotta cheese, you can also try the same bread recipe with a dry cheese available locally that can be easily blended in dough.

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