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Delicious Pumpkin with Chili and Basil

Though my kids don't like pumpkin, my husband loves it in every form. Today's pumpkin recipe is bit spicy with delicious flavor of herbs. You can freely substitute the fresh herbs used in this recipe with local variants or substitutes. We love to consume this recipe with rice though it goes well with bread too. You can also add zucchini in this preparation to experiment with the flavor. Use ripe pumpkin to get the best results. Semi boiled peas can add color as well as unique flavor in this recipe. If you're using raw green pumpkin, slightly change the proportions of dried spices to balance the flavor. Before serving, you can top it with mint and hung curd dip to make it irresistible. Let's quickly make this recipe.

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Lamb Sausage Pastry with Sweet and Sour Chili Sauce

How about spicy lamb sausage wrapped in a crispy and puffy pastry accompanied with a zingy and spicy chili sauce bowl? That's what we're going to make with all the ingredients mentioned below. To make things simple, I've taken ready made lamb sausages. To get the well deserved applause, pastry roll should be light and crisp with a buttery flavor. One can also use chicken or beef sausages provided they're enough spicy to compliment the outer puffy pastry. Vegetarians can either use boiled potato patties or can stuff stir fried mix vegetables to make an equally delicious version. You can keep these fluffy rolls for up to 2 days. The chili sauce mentioned below can be substituted with your local variant.

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Eggplant and Artichoke Pizza with Goat Cheese and Tomatoes

I bet you can't eat this entire pizza alone. It's rich, cheesy and includes several nutritious vegetables. The pizza crust is bit thick but perfectly compliments the heavy topping. You can't keep this pizza for a long time so make sure you consume it on the same day. Eggplants can be either added in mashed or shredded form or you can cut thin slices of the same. If you do not like artichokes, you can replace them with fresh and sliced mushrooms or with broccoli. Non vegetarians can garnish this pizza with seasoned boiled egg slices just before serving. Use generous amount of extra virgin olive oil while making this delicious pizza. Let's make this cheesy and nutritious pizza with flavorful spices and herbs.

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Toasted Cheese and Tomato Sandwich

My kids prefer a multi-layered colorful sandwich with loads of cheese. This one is not that colorful or having lots of layers, but it tastes very good. Tomatoes and cheese are my favorite ingredients for a sandwich recipe. While using a cheese for a sandwich, always ensure you take a variety that melts quite easily. For best results, use fresh and blanched tomatoes. Do not forget to add coarsely ground local herbs to add more punch to the flavor. Although brown bread can be used for these sandwiches, I prefer the normal white bread as it gets the right crispy texture required for this recipe. Serve these delicious sandwiches either with a piping hot cup of coffee or with hot and creamy tomato soup.

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Vegetable Tom Yum Soup

This is one of the spiciest soups my entire family loves to relish on weekends. The following preparation is a wholesome recipe and is loaded with different types of vegetables. To ensure the authentic flavor, try to include all the herbs and spices mentioned below though you can innovate and experiment to get the local flavor. The secret to a good tom yum soup lies in the correct balance between tangy and spicy flavor. You can reduce the consistency of the soup and can consume it with steamed rice too. The classic non vegetarian version of this soup can be made with the same ingredients by replacing some of the vegetables with boneless chicken. Let's make this spicy, tangy and scrumptious soup.

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Sweet and Fluffy Green Tea Bread

Generally, adding herbs and mild spices within bread dough spoils the texture and flavor. But, there are select ingredients if added in moderate quantities gives a unique and aromatic flavor to the bread. Green tea is one such herb that can be used to add flavor, color and aroma to the fresh homemade bread. Use powdered form of green tea to get the best results. You can keep this bread for up to one week. You can also add some shredded cashew nuts to add some more nutritional value to the recipe. As soon as it comes out of the oven, slice entire loaf into desired shape with a bread knife. You can use its toasted pieces for the soup garnish too. Let make this unique, aromatic and delicious bread recipe.

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