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Deep Fried Eggplants with Sweet and Sour Sauce

I tried this recipe after getting some tips from the neighbor and it came out so well. Frying eggplants is no big deal but the accompanying sauce is what adds kick in the recipe. Depending on your taste, you can easily moderate the level of spice in the sauce. Leftovers of this recipe can be stuffed in sandwiches and pies. Use long strips of eggplants so that they are not only fried well but the sauce is also absorbed evenly to get the best results. You can also bake these spiced up eggplants in a layer of cheese instead of deep frying them. Tofu in fried form can also be added in this yummy recipe to increase the number of servings. Let's make this scrumptious, zingy and flavorful eggplant recipe for our loved ones.

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Fried Snow Pea Leaves with Garlic and Peanut Oil

This recipe may look bit simple at a glance but it tastes surprisingly so good. Snow pea leaves have a unique flavor and when fried with select seasoning ingredients, you get a mouth watering preparation. Garlic is such versatile eatable that not only induces awesome flavor in the recipes but also has powerful medicinal traits. We've used peanut oil, garlic and several other mild ingredients in this recipe. The same recipe can be made with spinach or green onion leaves though it may taste different. You must make this recipe fresh right before serving as keeping it for long time may spoil the texture. Let's quickly make this simple, delicious and easy-to-make recipe that's light on stomach.

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Sichuan Pepper Roasted Duck with Eggplants

Duck meat tastes great both in mild flavored recipes as well as in rich and spicy preparations. Today's duck recipe is filled with hot spices and the goodness of eggplants. It tastes wonderful with butter coated bread. If you get baby eggplants for this recipe, nothing can be better than that as they tend to elevate the overall flavor of this delicious preparation. I always prepare this recipe in a heavy base metal pot to get the authentic taste. One can either use boneless duck meat or the regular one though I prefer the latter version as it gives you the better taste. Sichuan pepper is one of the primary ingredients used in this scrumptious, fulfilling and nutritious recipe and shouldn't be substituted with something else.

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Slow Cooked Salt Baked Chicken

I can cook salted chicken in different ways. Though we use very few seasoning ingredients in this preparation, the results are surprising. Cooking this recipe requires little bit of experience but you can easily get the hold of the cooking process the very first time you try it. This tasty chicken can be kept for up to two days sealed with aluminum foil. Use tender small chicken fowl to get the best results. Needless to say, rock salt is one of the most important ingredients of this recipe. Baking in charcoal based oven can elevate the flavor of this recipe. If you cannot resist, you can add some dried herbs or chili flakes in this chicken preparation. Let's quickly bake this excellent serving for our loved ones.

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Whole Wheat Egg Noodles with Pepper and Sesame Oil

Noodles are so versatile that they either can be included in a rich and spicy recipe or can be made standalone with a simple and subtle flavor. We're going to try out the latter version that's not only light on stomach but tastes great too. To get the best results, only use whole wheat egg noodles else you may not be able to relish the dish. Though I have kept the flavor quite mild, you can freely add more punch in this recipe by adding some sharp seasoning ingredients. Broccoli or shredded chicken chunks can also be added in these noodles. Make and serve these noodles hot as the refrigerated version tends to get moist. Let's make these light yet scrumptious egg noodles recipe for our family members.

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Chicken Parmigiana with Corn and Herbs

It's a variant of one of the popular Italian recipes that is changed to induce new flavors through corn and select herbs. It's a complete meal and is ideal for a main course entry. You can make the same preparation with duck fillets too. Since this is rich and creamy recipe, people who avoid oil and creamy substances in their meals can tone down the quantities of the said ingredients. Leftovers of this recipe can be used in a light curry and can be served with fried rice. Instead of corn, you can also use flavored oatmeal in moderate quantity. People who love spices can readily add chili flakes in this recipe. Let's make this fulfilling, cheesy and mouth watering baked chicken recipe in a few easy steps.

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