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How To Make Classic Indian Garam Masala

If you've tried Indian cuisine in your kitchen, you've probably encountered one of the most pungent and flavorful seasoning agent used in large number of Indian recipes called - Garam Masala. Today, we're going to see how we can make authentic Indian Garam Masala for making delicious and spicy Indian curries. You can easily keep this spice powder for several months in an air tight container. Fresh whole spices are required to get the best results. Remember, instead of making fine powder, keep it slightly coarse to ensure you get the maximum flavor. Although this spice powder is generally used in curries, you can use its roasted form in salads and dips too. Let's make this yummy seasoning.

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Tofu and Fish Fillets with Crispy Egg Noodles

This complete meal is one of the favorites of my kids. This recipe has lot of scope of experimenting and making different versions of the original one mentioned here. Addition of broccoli and baby corn can add more kick in this delicious preparation. If you're using normal whole wheat noodles instead of egg noodles, make sure you fry them quickly to avoid over cook burns. Local fish fillets can be used instead of using a specific variety though classic tofu is a must for this recipe. Do not refrigerate the leftovers of this recipe else the entire texture will get spoiled. The primary sauce used in this recipe is quite spicy and aromatic which can be toned down as per your taste. Let's make this scrumptious recipe.

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10 Popular Breads Used Across the World

If we compile a list of different types of breads across the world, this list will be of infinite size. Therefore, I've tried to include some of the popular breads used across the globe in different cuisines. Remember, this list is my personal choice and has no scientific and statistical dependence when it comes to selecting best known breads. Almost all of these breads are made from all purpose wheat flour since it is the most common ingredient to make typical bread. You can make changes in the ingredients to make your own variants of these breads. If you have a traditional oven or tandoor, you can get the best results. Let's see these select breads that are quite popular in different parts of the world.

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Vegetable Burger Patties with Carrot and Lentil

Burger patties are generally non vegetarian though one can make different types of vegetarian burger patties. Today we're going to make the latter variant of burger patties with delicious vegetables and a legume. This patty contains both fiber and vital nutrients and is light on stomach. It's ideal for making burgers for your kids. The secret to making good vegetable patties is removal of extra moisture from the primary ingredients. The seasoning used in these patties can change as per your preferences. You can easily keep these delicious raw patties in refrigerator for up to two days. Just before serving, shallow fry them hot and stuff in your burger. Let's make these delicious burger patties!

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Poached Salmon with Spaghetti

Spaghetti is another versatile eatable that is often made in different ways. Regular spaghetti can be easily served with different flavorful companions like we've done today. Poached salmon always tastes great and when combined with classic spaghetti, it simply rocks. As always, you are free to innovate and make modifications in this recipe. For example, grilled salmon fillets in shredded form can be included in the spaghetti. Vegetarians can replace salmon with barbecued broccoli or sweet potatoes. Instead of spaghetti, one can also use egg noodles provided they're cooked well with mild spices. Let's quickly make this awesome fish and noodles recipe for our family members and friends.

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Barbecued Duck Breast Salad with Chili Caramel and Ginger

This exotic duck breast salad can also be used as a main course entry. The unique combination of barbecued duck fillets with select salad ingredients make it stand out from other recipes. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and chili flakes on top can make this recipe more irresistible. Instead of duck fillets, one can also use chicken breasts though the authentic taste will be missing. Use fresh seasonal salad ingredients to add more kick in this recipe. Leftover breasts can be shredded to be included in hamburger patties. I prefer to consume this salad with mint sauce as it elevates the overall flavor of the preparation. Let's make this unique, tasty and wholesome salad in a few easy steps.

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