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Grilled Swordfish with Soy Sauce and Salad

This was the first time I made swordfish recipe and it came out quite nicely. Swordfish fillets are quite firm and tastes great provided you grill them to perfection with a flavor packed seasoning. I'll try a gravy based recipe with the same fillets some other day to see how it goes with it. Swordfish is good for your skin, hair, eyes and bones so you can consume it throughout the year. I always advise to change the type of fish in case it is not available in your locality. But this time, I'll emphasize on using swordfish fillets to get the authentic taste of this preparation. Leftovers of this recipe can be included in a seafood preparation. Let's make this nutritious and aromatic fish recipe.

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Fried Calamari Rings with Butter and Paprika Sauce

One of my favorite sea foods is calamari. It tastes great and cooks so quickly. Generally, I make it in grilled or fried form. Today's recipe is an ideal snack for cocktail parties though you can munch it anytime. The subtle and lightly flavored butter paprika sauce adds the required punch in this recipe. You're always invited to innovate and improve on the recipes. For example, this one can be made in a different way adding a flavored crispy batter on the calamari rings. If you do not prefer butter, you can replace it with light sour cream or olive oil. Serve these calamari rings with a spicy mint sauce bowl. You can also add some shrimps along with regular calamari rings. Let's quickly make this tasty recipe.

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Fried Rice with Prawns, Potatoes and Lettuce

Like some other classic recipes, fried rice can also be made in infinitely different ways. Generally, I do not add potatoes in fried rice but this one is quite different. Apart from my favorite prawns, I've also added the king of vegetables to give it a twist. This recipe is based on south East Asian fried rice ingredients and can be changed as per your preferences. You can easily keep this fried rice in refrigerated form for up to 2 days. If tiger prawns are available in your locality, nothing can be better than that. Otherwise, you can use any prawn variety. My family prefers to eat it with flavored condensed coconut milk. Let's quickly make this yummy and aromatic fried rice recipe for our family members in a few steps.

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Turkish Sandwich with Grilled Zucchini and Salami

These Turkish sandwiches are a complete meal in itself. It includes delicious cheese, grilled zucchini layer and flavor packed salami slices. I've also included crushed and slightly stir fried green olives to give it a tangy flavor. Rocket lettuce ensures a sharp flavor and texture complements the flavors of salami and grilled zucchini. To get the best results, use classic Turkish bread for these sandwiches. If you do not mind bit creamy ingredients, include a layer of peanut butter too. I generally serve it with flavored buttermilk though a spicy dip also goes well with it. Instead of salami, you can also use shredded shrimps. Let's make this tasty and fulfilling sandwich recipe for our family members.

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Multi-Layered Chocolate Sponge Cake

A good sponge cake is fluffy without any clumps in it. The following sponge cake contains three layers. A butter cream middle layer is sandwiched between two sponge cake layers and is topped with nice chocolate layer. If you love to experiment with desserts, you can definitely add more colorful layers in this cake. Sprinkling shredded almonds or pistachio on top can add more kick to this cake. To give it a twist, you can mix some paprika in the butter cream layer. Sugar glazed fruit layer can also be included in this cake provided you refrigerate it well before serving. So, get ready to delight the sweet tooth of your family members through this delicious chocolate sponge cake recipe.

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Fried Rice Vermicelli with Minced Beef and Tofu

I often make fried rice with minced beef for my family. Today's fried rice also includes tofu along with spiced up minced beef to make the entire preparation, almost irresistible. One can either use rice or wheat vermicelli for this recipe. People who don't like red meat can use shredded duck or chicken meat instead of minced beef. We often serve it with spicy curry and tangy salad to complete the meal. Do not refrigerate this recipe for long time else moisture released from vermicelli may spoil the texture and flavor. Additional green vegetables can give a kick to this nice preparation. Let's quickly make this delicious, fulfilling and easy recipe in a few steps for our loved ones.

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